The Stardoll Journey

Shutting down Tyler’s Top Trends was a very good decision on my  part. I know that many of you are probably disappointed in my actions to close the blog, but you all have to realize I do have a life outside of Stardoll. I really do.

On a more positive note. I’m not leaving the blogging scene just yet, however, this blog will most likely cause some controversy. Because the truth will slowly unfold, right here. I’m tired of being a target for hatred. Stardoll is supposed to be a place for fun. A place to get away, a place to relax. It has become way more then that and not in a good way. Haters are building up an ‘army’ and it’s sickening. Many people have said I have no life outside of Stardoll (I’ll write more about this in another post) – but what I really have to say to people that hate me or dislike me rather, do you have a life outside of Stardoll? Do you verbally attack me to get recognition or to make your self esteem go up? Whatever the answer is, I could care less. You’re a said excuse for a human being. There I said it, shoot me.

Expressing myself to all of you about personal and public issues I’ve dealt with on Stardoll is something this blog is all about. Whether you choose to listen to what I have to say or not is up to you. I’m not forcing you to read my blog, but if you’re going to leave nasty comments criticising my points-of-view, then know this: You’re on my site, you’re reading my  writing and you’re sure as hell not going to make me look like an idiot. Free speak is one this, hatred is a completely different other.

No rumor will be left behind. I’m here to let it all out. It’s time you know the truth. You know, let the real insider give you the information you’re all dieing to know. Or so, I’m assuming since you all BASH me in comments on other sites. Of course you have the right to do that, but think about it. Is it right to actually bring someone down for the sake of your own enjoyment? I don’t think so and if you do: you have problems and I’m not afraid to tell you that. I’m not. Go ahead, call me rude names. There’s a thing called karma and she’s a bitch.

I know more about Stardoll then people realize. To get my point across… I’ve done many things most Stardoll users haven’t. I’ve had success, I’ve failed and most people don’t view me as a normal member. Whatever your views are on me, I’m ready to tell you my views on myself. This is: The Stardoll Journey.

Sincerely, Tyler


3 Responses to The Stardoll Journey

  1. Sarah (Mehrisa) says:

    The reason people tell you that you have no life is because of posts like this one. You’re so pompous about everything. Before imediately classifying me as a hater because dared to criticise you, I want to say that my intention is not to ‘bash’ you because I dislike you, I’m just saying what I think about your whole post.
    The way you write about everything ‘Controversy, the truth will slowly unfold, personal and public issues I’ve dealt on Stardoll, I’ve had succes, I’ve failed, this is: the Stardoll journey, etc. make one instantly scream in his head GOD, GET A LIFE! Seriously, a doll website can’t be this serious to a 15/16/17/I have no idea but it doesn’t matter boy. And it is not, ofcourse you have a real life, but you make it look the other way with your seriously overdone and phony writing. Sorry, I am just being honest.

  2. Humbrella says:

    Weird blog to come across. I’ve never been associated with any ‘elites’ or what have you so I don’t really know your story. I kind of agree with the person above me – you come off as pompous – but I realise you don’t mean to be that way. I used to blog on Stardoll but it was just about the little adventures I get up to in my real life (’cause I like people to understand such things about me…) and I was so aware of what a wanker I seemed. I’m glad so few people read it! I’m trying to warn everyone right now that, no matter how hard you try, rambling about yourself always makes you sound such a tool. If you read this, I hope you see it as a constructive criticism because I’m not trying to stir up an argument online. Just passing on my thoughts of posting self-centred monologues like this. It’s never as interesting to others as it is to you!

    So I guess the thing to ask is why do you write? Is there something more creative to focus your talents (you don’t sound like a stupid person) on?

  3. kurd_sava says:

    Everyone is just a hater they dont know u i dont know u
    they chouldnt thank about that ofcourse its fun when ur a kinda ”elite” but stardoll is about fun and not about these called ”elites”
    there are many wannabe elites who r trying to be like ”bitchy” cuz they will think they will gain ”fame”
    but all they get is gossip….


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