The Stardoll Journey – Chapter 3

August 24, 2009

Chapter 2: Tyler’s Top Trends

In the last chapter, I left you with whether or not my decision to make Tyler’s Top Trends was something I’m proud of. Or did I regret making the blog. The answer to that is simply – no. I do not EVER regret making Tyler’s Top Trends. Although it brought a lot of bad publicity and what not… It was a hobby and I loved blogging there. For a while it was a place to express myself. I quickly realized that it was in no way a place for that. That’s why I created this blog, but moving on. People in the blogging world are cruel, evil. I’m going to say that. Well, not all of them – but most. Do I consider myself an ‘evil’ blogger? I do. The fact that I’m such a perfectionist, I can’t work with many people. I can, in the real world for sure. I have ‘boss’ in my blood. But in the virtual world, people can’t take it and it’s true. I guess that could be another reason Tyler’s Top Trends is no longer.

I may write a chapter dedicated to simply all blogs… Not naming them in general, but blogs that have featured me. If you even get what I’m saying. I love rambling so, bare with me. Either way, Tyler’s Top Trends was good for me. I loved blogging then and I still do. Although I don’t have much time for it anymore I wish I did. Stardoll blogs have slowly faded away, gone. It’s sad I hope the blog I call a legend can still be in the back of stardollians minds for years to come. I know I’m thinking of the readers.

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Chapter Three: You’re Hired!

The Stardoll Journey – Chapter 2

August 19, 2009

Chapter 2: Elites

I have many things to say about elites, but the first thing I want to clear up is: I do not consider myself an elite. I don’t think I’m better then anyone else on Stardoll. And although I’ve been called an elite and people still classify me as one, this is coming from me. Take it or leave it…

The day I found out about elites I was amazed at how classy they were. I know – sad, but I’m letting out the truth here. Anything and everything, right? Turns out non of them are classy at all. And whether or not you consider me an elite: I’m not classy either. So, I admit that I wanted to be popular when I first found out about this whole elite scene. But never ‘famous’. I began to talk to a few elites, or so that’s what they call themselves. It may have been wrong of me to talk to the ‘more popular’ people to gain popularity opposed to earning it for something I did that was worth attention. But it worked.

I’m definitely not giving you any strategies so, watch out. I began to get noticed. Back then… When sending broadcasts cost three dollars and you could actually write whatever you wanted, I sent out tons. TONS. I appeared on the ‘Top Broadcasters’ list several times. I believe that’s another way I began to become popular. I’ve made many clubs and deleted several. I’ve stuck with a few and had success. As I mentioned in the previous chapter I never, ever knew what was coming ahead. No one does. Then that faithful day came when I made the decision to make my own blog. Was the decision wrong?

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Chapter Three: Tyler’s Top Trends

The Stardoll Journey – Chapter 1

August 14, 2009

Chapter 1: Welcome To Stardoll

I never fully realized how much I could write about my ‘life’ on, although I would love to talk about my success…. I’m mainly writing these posts to express my feelings and points of view on situations I’ve been in on Stardoll.

To get this out there: I don’t trust people on Stardoll, I just don’t. I used to – I did. That changed very slowly though, actually. I guess you learn from your mistakes and that’s exactly what I’ve done. When I first created my account: Tylerisbomb, I was completely unaware of the trouble I was about to get myself into. The things I would have to sacrifice. Stardoll used to be a place where I could be free, come home and relax after a long day at school. But now, I can say the complete opposite. I’m not leaning towards the staff, but more towards the members. Remember when Covergirls would win because they actually deserved to, not because they asked people to vote for them? It’s a new generation in the virtual world I suppose. And although I’m still a member of – I’m disappointed of what it has become. During my first few days at Stardoll, weeks even… I was still getting the hang of the entire site. At that time I had little friends and popularity was not important to me, not one bit. I was having such a fun time on Stardoll. I began to make more friends and was always looking forward to logging on.

People were so generous and giving, rares were out of the question. Oh, rares. What people will do to have them now. And even though I used to collect rares, I’ve grown up enough to realize that it’s all virtual – little pixels. They make you ‘cool’ – but in the end is spending all that time finding them really worth it? Everything for me on Stardoll was about to change. Drama was about to take its place, my friends would abandon me, and I would loose everything. It all began when I met the ‘elites’.

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Chapter Two: Elites

The Stardoll Journey

August 13, 2009

Shutting down Tyler’s Top Trends was a very good decision on my  part. I know that many of you are probably disappointed in my actions to close the blog, but you all have to realize I do have a life outside of Stardoll. I really do.

On a more positive note. I’m not leaving the blogging scene just yet, however, this blog will most likely cause some controversy. Because the truth will slowly unfold, right here. I’m tired of being a target for hatred. Stardoll is supposed to be a place for fun. A place to get away, a place to relax. It has become way more then that and not in a good way. Haters are building up an ‘army’ and it’s sickening. Many people have said I have no life outside of Stardoll (I’ll write more about this in another post) – but what I really have to say to people that hate me or dislike me rather, do you have a life outside of Stardoll? Do you verbally attack me to get recognition or to make your self esteem go up? Whatever the answer is, I could care less. You’re a said excuse for a human being. There I said it, shoot me.

Expressing myself to all of you about personal and public issues I’ve dealt with on Stardoll is something this blog is all about. Whether you choose to listen to what I have to say or not is up to you. I’m not forcing you to read my blog, but if you’re going to leave nasty comments criticising my points-of-view, then know this: You’re on my site, you’re reading my  writing and you’re sure as hell not going to make me look like an idiot. Free speak is one this, hatred is a completely different other.

No rumor will be left behind. I’m here to let it all out. It’s time you know the truth. You know, let the real insider give you the information you’re all dieing to know. Or so, I’m assuming since you all BASH me in comments on other sites. Of course you have the right to do that, but think about it. Is it right to actually bring someone down for the sake of your own enjoyment? I don’t think so and if you do: you have problems and I’m not afraid to tell you that. I’m not. Go ahead, call me rude names. There’s a thing called karma and she’s a bitch.

I know more about Stardoll then people realize. To get my point across… I’ve done many things most Stardoll users haven’t. I’ve had success, I’ve failed and most people don’t view me as a normal member. Whatever your views are on me, I’m ready to tell you my views on myself. This is: The Stardoll Journey.

Sincerely, Tyler